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Basgurly-Zhazgurly depression

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Basgurly-Zhazgurly is an oval depression, the bottom of the ancient Tethys Sea, a picturesque place on the Mangyshlak peninsula, the depression is 30 kilometers long, 15 kilometers wide, and 100 meters deep. The depression is below sea level, the nature of the Basgurly-Zhazgurly depression is very interesting and rich, here you can meet mountain sheep, mouflon, sparrows, sand grouse are found here from birds.

Basgurly-Zhazgurly depression - how to get there

The Basgurly-Zhazgurly depression is located in the Mangistau region in Kazakhstan, the Mangyshlak peninsula, Karakiya district. The depression is located 20 kilometers from the Kuanda depression.

Basgurly-Zhazgurly depression - information for tourists

We recommend traveling along the Basgurly-Zhazgurly depression in a 4x4 car with at least two cars. A very dusty country road runs along the depression, so traveling through this area can be difficult, so be prepared for an extreme journey, it can also be very hot during the day and cold at night. There may not be mobile communications in this region, so our company uses a satellite phone for communication. There are several water wells in the vicinity of the depression, the location of which you need to know, so when traveling here you need to have a supply of water at the rate of 5 liters per person per day. We recommend traveling through the Basgurly-Zhazgurly depressions in late spring and early summer, as nature blooms here and at this time it is especially beautiful here.

Basgurly-Zhazgurly depression


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