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Aksai Skete (male monastery)

Sights of Aksai gorge

Mountain hike to Aksai desert (monastic hermitage, monastery)

Aksai Monastery or skete was founded in 1913 by monks Seraphim, Theognost and Anatoly. The hermitage is located in a picturesque mountain gorge far from the city of Almaty. There is no road to the monastery, only a mountain trail, so if you want to visit here, you need to make a mountain hike, which can take you 2 hours in one direction. The trail passes through the mountains surrounded by a beautiful coniferous forest.

Aksai monastery, skete – how to get there

Aksai skete is located in the mountains of Almaty in the Aksai mountain gorge, and the Kyzyl-Zhar gorge in the Almaty region. The distance from the city of Almaty to the beginning of the route is 20 kilometers. GPS coordinates of Aksai Skete: N43°06'00,22" E76°46'36,68"

Aksai skit – information for tourists

Aksai monastery is a place of pilgrimage, a mountain path leads here, along which it will be necessary to climb, for this you need to be ready for a mountain hike. At first there were only caves dug by monks and lived in them, eventually the monks built a temple here. In 2000, a new temple building appeared here, very beautiful, with golden domes. The monks themselves grew potatoes in the mountains, mowed grass and tried to live autonomously and feed themselves. It is best to visit the temple from May to September in the summer, as it can be very difficult to get here in winter, but it is possible. The temple accommodates 15-20 people.

Aksai Monastery


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