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Central Tien Shan Mountains

Jeep tour in the Tien Shan mountains

Sightseeing tours in the Tien Shan and Dzungarian Alatau

Tien Shan, translated from the Kazakh language means "Heavenly Mountains", is a mountain system of Central Asia and most of this mountain system is located in Kazakhstan. Also, this mountain system is located on the territory of 4 more countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China and Kyrgyzstan. In Kazakhstan, we can visit this mountain system from the city of Almaty, there are many tourist routes and mountain trails. Through them we will be able to get to different parts of this mountain system, for example, the nearest point near the city of Almaty in the Tien Shan mountains is the Big Almaty Lake, you can get here from Almaty in just 40 minutes.

Central Tien Shan - how to get there

It is best to visit the Tien Shan mountains from Kazakhstan from the city of Almaty. The Tien Shan mountains cover most of Central Asia, and specifically the state of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of the Tien Shan Mountains: 42°02′06″N 80°07′32″E

Tien Shan Mountains - information for tourists

The Tien Shan mountains are covered with the most beautiful coniferous forest, which ends at an altitude of 2700 meters and then subalpine meadows begin. The maximum height in the Tien Shan mountains is 7000 meters above sea level, this is the peak of Khan Tengri (H-7784). Subalpine meadows begin at an altitude of 3000 meters. Within the city of Almaty, there are many mountain trails to the nearby mountain peaks where you can hike. Also in the Tien Shan mountains there are many roads that can be reached by 4x4 car. The Tien Shan Mountains are home to many birds and various types of animals that can be easily observed here, for example, there is a snow leopard, the rarest predatory animal listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. There are many nature reserves in the Tien Shan mountains, a large territory is under the protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is a protected area.

Central Tien Shan mountains


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