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Excursion Boszhira photo tour

Traveling from Aktau to the Boszhira tract

Jeep tour on the Peninsula Mangyshlak

The route according to the program: the city of Aktau - the cavity of Karakia - Plato Ustyurt - the city of Zhanaozen - the village of Sanek - the tracts of Boszhira (270 km).

The tracts of Boszhira are a beautiful place on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, once an ancient ocean aunt splashed here for a long time. Boszhira enters the Ustyurt plateau, here you will see fantastic landscapes of the terrain, there are several panoramic points where the view of the Boszhir tract opens. We recommend traveling to the Boszhira tract for at least two days to spend the night by the fire here and admire the night sky and meet the dawn here.

Boszhira from the Kazakh language means “faded valley”, everything is white here, especially beautiful here in the spring and early summer, the valley is filled with paints, vegetation blooms here, we recommend this period to visit the tract. The dawn and sunset in the Boszhir tract in clear weather are especially beautiful, while here during the day you get used to bright white light and at sunset everything is covered with red colors that creates a special contrast and here you can take beautiful photos. In the tract of the Boszhir you will find ancient fossils, algae, shells, shells, and the teeth of ancient sharks. Also in the Boszhira tract there is another attraction, this is the peak of Azu Tisteri, the height of the peaks is 200 meters, which gives them incredible greatness. We invite you to visit the tract and stay here.

  • Distance of the route: 550 km
  • Season time: spring summer
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 2 days - 1 night

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