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Excursion to the mosque Shakpak-Ata

Places of pilgrimage on Mangyshlak

Travel to the necropolis of Kashkar-Ata

Route according to the program: the city of Aktau - the village of Akshukur - Necropolis Kashkar Ata - the village of Karamandy - Esmambet Ata Nekropol (XVIII - XIX V.V.) - the village of Tauchik - the underground mosque Shakpak Ata (X - XIII V.V.) - the underground mosque Sultan EP (IX - XII V.V.)

The Shakpak-Ata mosque is considered an underground mosque, cut down in a chalk cliff, the place I enters the sacred, also this place of pilgrimage for many believing people who profess different faiths. The mosque is located in a mountain rock, the light does not come here so gloomy and very cool. The Shakpak-Ata mosque is a sacred place, it is very quiet and deserted here, the name of the mosque is given in honor of Sufi Shakpak-Ata. Shakpak-Ata was a healer, treated people, among the local population he had great respect as he saved people from all kinds of ailments.

The Shakpak-Ata mosque consists of several rooms with the main central hall. There are small rooms (cells) in the mosque to solite pilgrims and for prayer and meditation. On the walls of the mosque, many inscriptions and drawings have been applied for a long time. The place is considered a place of power, pilgrims from all over the world go to the mosque to stay here and relax, will be filled with strength.

  • Distance of the route: 292 km
  • Season time: all season
  • Best time: spring summer
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 1 day

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