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Excursion to Tamshaly and Hanga Baba tracts

Jeep tour to Tamshaly tract

A trip from the city of Fort Shevchenko to the Hanga Baba tract

The route according to the program: Aktau city – Saura tract – Fort Shevchenko city – Bautino village - Cape Tupkaran – Sanazar necropolis – Tamshaly tract – Bisenbai necropolis – Sagandyk necropolis – Hanga Baba tract - Aktau city

Tamshaly tract, a landmark of the Mangyshlak peninsula, the tract is famous for being considered a local oasis, there is a beautiful lake, a small waterfall and a water source. The distance from the city of Fort Shevchenko to the Tamshaly tract is 30 kilometers. Tamshaly tract is available all year round, you can stay here both in summer and in winter. The water in the Tamshaly tract where the spring is located flows down a three-meter wall and creates a pleasant sound of falling water. It is best to travel to the Tamshaly tract by a 4x4 jeep. GPS coordinates of Tamshaly tract: N 44° 35' 16.13" E 50° 35' 36.73"

Khanba-Baba is a tractand a holy place on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The Khanba-Baba tract is famous for the fact that there are many water sources located here and in ancient times there was a trade route here. Khanba Baba is also a sacred place and a place of pilgrimage, there is a memorial complex of Khanba Baba and an ancient burial ground. There are also ruins of an ancient mosque, presumably Turkmen, whose age has not been established. The distance from the city of Fort Shevchenko to the Khanba-Baba tract is 30 kilometers. GPS coordinates of the Hanga Baba tract: 44°27'25"N 50°35'36"E

  • Distance of the route: 286 km
  • Season time: all season
  • Best time: spring summer autum
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 1 day

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