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Excursion to the sinkhole of Zhygylgan

Travel to the shore of the Caspian Sea and Lake Kuzdykary

Trip to the necropolis of Kashkar-Ata and Kenty-Baba

The route according to the program: Aktau city – Akshukyr village – Kashkar-Ata necropolis – Blue Bay – Devil's Finger – Karagash necropolis – Caspian Sea – Zhygylgan sinkhole - Lake Kuzdakary – Ushtam necropolis – Sultan-epe underground mosque and Sultan-epe canyon – Aktau city

The sinkhole of Zhygylgan in translation from the Kazakh language means the Fallen Earth, the failure is a pile of huge stones, once in ancient times this area was flat, but then either an earthquake or some other cataclysm occurred and the collapse of the earth occurred here. According to scientists, the collapse of the earth occurred here due to the fact that the sea washed away part of the earth, a void formed underground and the earth collapsed, according to another version, the collapse occurred due to the displacement of tectonic plates. There is a version that a meteorite hit this place in ancient times, which led to a collapse, but this version has not been confirmed since no fragments of a cosmic body have been found.

The sinkhole of Zhygylgan is famous for the fact that when there was a collapse to the top, the rocks of the soil rose, in which ancient animals and dinosaurs left their traces. The Zhygylgan sinkhole is also famous for the fact that the remains of ancient fortresses and petroglyphs on the walls were found here. Near the Zhygylgan sinkhole there is Lake Kuzdykary, you can swim in the lake, the water here is very salty. On the way to Zhygylgan sinkhole, we will visit such sights as Kapamsai Canyon, Kenta Baba Necropolis, Sultan-Epe Mosque, etc. GPS coordinates of Zhygylgan sinkhole: N44º36,449; E50º 50,082'

  • Distance of the route: 288 km
  • Season time: all season
  • Best time: spring summer autumn
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 1 day

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