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Balayuk Cave Tour

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Detailed route to Balayuk Cave: Aktau City – Karagiye Depression – Zhanaozen city – Tuyesu sands - Bokty Mountain – Baysary colonnade – Boszhira tract - Karynzharyk depression – Balayuk Cave – Utebai depression – Aktau city

Balayuk Cave is located in Western Kazakhstan, the depth of the cave is 120 meters, the cave is a local attraction and is very popular among travelers. At the bottom of the cave there is a lake with blue water. The water in the lake is cold, if desired, you can swim in the lake. The cave consists of three halls, the descent into the cave requires the necessary preparation. In the Balayuk cave, safety precautions should be observed, there are steep descents in the cave, which should be moved with extreme caution. It is necessary to have a helmet for the head with you, which should be put on your head and not removed throughout the descent and ascent.

Balayuk Cave is 350 km from Aktau City. We recommend traveling to the cave with at least two 4x4 jeeps of high-terrain vehicles. You should also have a guide with you who knows the area well and knows where the cave is located. The telephone connection does not work here, so we recommend using GPS navigators here. The descent and ascent to the Balayuk cave will take you 60 minutes, you need to have flashlights with you, it is very dark in the cave since sunlight will not get here. It is also necessary to be properly equipped, you should have special boots on your feet, helmets for the head on your head. The descent into the cave passes over the stones, so here you need to be extremely careful and careful, watch yourself and the other members of the group.

  • Distance of the route: 863 km
  • Season time: Summer season
  • Best time: Spring Summer
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 6 days

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