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Katon-Karagai village

Where to stay in Katon-KaragaiTrip from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Katon-Karagai

The Katon-Karagai village is the administrative center of the Katon-Karagai district from December 4, 1970 to March 23, 1997. On March 23, 1997, after the merger of the districts of Katon-Karagai and the Upper Districts, and the village of Ulken Naryn, Katon-Karagai was designated the district center. Katon-Karagai is located in the foothills of the Sarymsakty mountain range in the valley of the Sarymsak River. A highway passes through the village that connects the village of Ulken-Naryn with the sanatorium and the Rakhmanov Keys hot springs.

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Katon-Karagai is a village in Katon-Karagai district, East Kazakhstan, Katon-Karagai rural district. The district center is located 77 km east of the village of Ulken, on the slope of the Altai Mountains. Bordering area with Russia.


The village of Katon-Karagai under Soviet rule was called the village of Alekseevskaya, in 1971 the village was renamed Katon-Karagai. The village has a population of 5,900. The climate here is continental. Average temperature in January -11 – -13 °C, July +22 – +24 °C. the average annual precipitation is 350-400 mm, the main amount falls on March-May and November-December. The wind rose is dominated by northeastern (34%) and northern (16%) winds. Stable snow cover is formed in the last decade of November and ends in the second decade of March.

Katon-Karagai village in East Kazakhstan


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