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Bolshoe Lake in Karkaralinsky Park

Tours from Karaganda to Borovoye

Travel from the city of Karaganda to the Karkaralinsky Nature Reserve

Lake Bolshoe in the Karkaralinsk National Park is a landmark of the park and is very popular among the local population and visitors from abroad. The height at which the Large Lake is located is 824 meters above sea level. The lake is surrounded by beautiful low hills, near the lake there are recreation centers Polytechnic, Bars and Zhaltorai. The water in the lake is fresh, in summer the water warms up to a temperature acceptable for swimming.

Bolshoe Lake in Karkaraly – how to get there

Bolshoe Lake is located 2.5 km from Karkaraly in the Karkaraly National Reserve in the Karaganda region, Kazakhstan. The lake is located on the Karkaralinsk – Karagaily road, a little south of the road.

Bolshoe Lake in Karkaralinsk

The area of Lake Bolshoe is 2.5 sq / km, and the maximum depth of the lake is 4.6 meters. The length of the lake is 1500 meters, the width is 1400 meters. The water is fresh, yellowish-green in color. Near the shore, the bottom is dense with gravel and sand, and in the center is muddy. The lake borders the national Park and is a popular place for fishing and swimming and recreation. There are many places around the lake where you can stop and camp, the best places on the lake are on the west bank and north bank. You can stay on the lake, both in your camp and at recreation centers.

Bolshoe Lake in the Karkaralinsky Nature Reserve


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