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Kent Palace, Kyzyl-Kenish, Kyzyl-Kent

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The Kent Mountains are famous for the fact that the Kent Palace or Kyzyl-Kenish is located here, excavations and research at this site were started back in 1985, ancient buildings, walls and floors of certain structures were discovered here. Researchers have established that the Kent Palace dates back to the 17th century. The first written description of the Kent Palace was made in the 19th century by General S. B. Bronevsky, who headed the Omsk province.

Kent Palace – how to get there.

The Kyzyl-Kenish Palace is located in the Karaganda region, Karkaraly district, the palace is located on the slopes of the Kent mountains. The distance from the village of Kent to the Kyzyl-Kent Palace is 3 kilometers, heading southeast. GPS coordinates of Kyzyl-Kenish Palace, Kent 49°13'09"N75°53'56"E

Kyzyl-Kent Palace – information -

On the ruins of the Kent Palace, the institute "Kazproektrestavratsiya" conducted excavations in 1986-87. The student-archaeological expedition “Eureka” at Karaganda State University (head Zh. Smailov, A. Beisenov) investigated and opened 10 small burial grounds from the main palace, 3 outbuildings and an adjacent burial ground. The palace was a 2-storey building built of stone. The area of the large room in the center is 5x12 m. the floor is lined with white clay, and the eastern corner is painted with red paint. Doors are removed from 3 walls of the room, 3 mini-rooms are attached. An outer door opens from the fourth wall to the southeast. The inner walls of the palace are plastered with white clay. Two of the 3 small buildings have a furnace. During the excavations, very few finds were found: an iron lock, a homemade rifle barrel, two lead bullets, a copper ring and round coins. The palace was built in the middle of the 17th century by representatives of the Oirat Shonzhars, who maintained peaceful relations with the Kazakhs. Subsequently, it became a sacred place of local Kazakhs.

Kent Palace, Kyzyl-Kenish


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