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Lake Pashennoe (Pashino)

Travel and recreation on the Pashennoye Lake in Karkarlinsk -

Sport fishing on the lakes of the Karkaraly Park -

Pashennoye lake (Pashino) also has another unofficial name, Lake Kishkenekol (small lake), a small and very beautiful lake in the Karkaraly Park. There was another name for this lake Grishkekol (Grishkino lake). The arable lake is very picturesque, surrounded by low mountain hills and beautiful coniferous and deciduous forests. There are fish in the lake, fishing is prohibited here, therefore it is necessary to obtain special permits for sport fishing “caught and released”.

Pashennoye lake - how to get there -

Lake Pashennoye is located in the national nature reserve Karkaryly (Karkaraly), Karaganda region, Karkaraly district, Kazakhstan. The lake is located in the intermountain basin in the Karkaraly Mountains.

Lake Pashino in the Karkaraly Mountains - information for tourists -

Karkaralinsk is also known as the Karkaraly mountain oasis, where pine forests grow green on low hills, birches and aspens grow, and many lakes are hidden among the rocks. Lake Pashino is included in the list of these lakes, the lake is endorheic, a small stream Ayakoga flows into the lake. The lake is 1200 meters long and 650 meters wide. In Soviet times, they tried to grow crops in the area of ​​​​the lake, due to the fact that the harvest was not always plentiful, these places ceased to be developed and only one person did not give up and his name was Grigory, therefore the lake has the old name Grishkino Lake. Also because of the abandoned arable land, the lake also had the name Arable Lake. Near it there are several recreation areas - Miner, Zhemchuzhina and Cascade.

Pashennoye lake -


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