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Shankoz Mountains in Karkaralinsk

Excursion to Mount Shankoz in Karkaralinsk

Mountain hiking in the Shankoz Mountains

The Shankoz Mountains, a landmark of the Karkaraly Nature Reserve, Mount Shankoz with a height of 1,360 meters is the highest point. Nearby there is a beautiful Kendara River and a small stream Alexandrovsky. In the Shankoz mountains there are lakes Ashchykol, Zhartas, Zhanabet.
The Shankoz Mountains are low mountain hills up to 1500 meters above sea level, the mountains are located in the Kazakh steppe, it is very picturesque and beautiful here.

Shankoz Mountain – how to get there

The Shankoz Mountains are located in the Karaganda region on the territory of the Karkaraly Nature Reserve, they are part of the Karkaraly mountain range. The Karaganda–Karkaralinsk road runs in the Shankoz Mountains.

Shankoz mountains – information for tourists

The Shankoz Mountains stretch from north to south in length for 21 kilometers, the width of the mountains is 9 kilometers. In the Shankoz Mountains, there are many large and small lakes on their peaks. Lakes appeared in relief formations that appeared due to weathering and leaching of rock over a long time. As a result of erosion, the rocks have become like bizarre unusual formations - niches, towers, arches, canopies, etc. A characteristic feature of the northern tip of the mountains are small basin-shaped lakes up to 71 meters in length, for example, Lake Moldir. In total, 50 such lakes were found in the Shankoz Mountains. The most beautiful coniferous forest mixed with deciduous forest grows in the mountains, especially beautiful here in spring and early summer when nature blooms and fills with colors.

Mount Shankoz


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