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Pool lake (Basein)

Karkaralinsky Park Guide

Lake Pool Tour

Pool Lake is a picturesque small lake on a mountain in the Karkaralinsk Nature Reserve. The lake was so named because of its shape and because of its resemblance to a swimming pool. The length of the lake is 60 m, width 40 m, average depth 2 m. The southern shore of granite is a high steep cliff, which in summer obscures the lake and saves its water from evaporation. The western and northern shores are low-lying. The eastern shore is open, gently sloping, excess water flows through it from the lake, and the water level is maintained in one position. The lake is filled with snow and rain water, the water is clear, fresh. The lake is often visited by vacationers and tourists.

Lake Pool – how to get there

The Pool lake is located 6 km southwest of the city of Karkaralinsk in the Karaganda region, near Lake Shaitankol, on a rocky peak (1200 m), the lake is located in a long pit surrounded by a pine forest. The distance from the city of Karakaralinsk to the Pool Lake is 4.5 kilometers.

Pool Lake – tourist information

To get to the Pool Lake, you need to follow the route called "Stone Fairy Tale", the way to the lake will take you 4 hours in both directions. Spring and summer are the best time to visit this lake, in winter passage to the lake is impossible. To travel along this route to the lake, it is necessary to have sports training and special walking shoes, it is also necessary to observe cleanliness and order in the Karkaraly Nature Reserve, please clean up the garbage and make sure that a fire does not start from the campfire. Do not throw garbage into the lake Pool, the water in the lake is not flowing, take care of nature dear friends.

Lake Pool


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