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Forester's house in Komissarovka (Karkaralinsk)

Excursion to the forester's house in Karkaraly Park

Traveling and walking in Karkaralinsky Park

The forester's house in Karkaralink Park is a local architectural landmark. The house was built back in 1910, the house is located on the shore of Lake Kim-Asar (Komissarovskoe). The forestry was opened here to preserve the forests of the Karkaralinsk Park. The wooden house was built and decorated with wood carvings by the folk craftsman I.Ya.Smetankin.

Forester's house in Karkaralinsk – how to get there

The forester's house is located in the Karaganda region in the Karkaralinsk Nature Park in the village of Komissarovskaya. The forester's house is located at the entrance to the Southern Valley of the Karkaraly Mountains. GPS coordinates of the forester's house in Karkaralinsk 49°18'4"N 75°30'25"E

Forester's house in Karkaralinsk – information for tourists

The first owner of this beautiful, interesting structure in its architectural composition was the forester L.S.Sadovnichy (1885 – 1955). According to one version, this house is listed as the house of Tomsk loggers who were in these places for logging, allegedly they built this house. The construction of this house was a payment for logging. The forester L.S. Sadovnichy, who settled in this tract, was actively engaged in acclimatization of Siberian tree species. Even cedars were grown in a small nursery. From those plantings of the period 1914-1916, two Siberian spruce and larch have been preserved. The height of the fir trees is 52 meters, the diameter is 40 centimeters, they bear fruit. About 30 Christmas trees are scattered at a distance of 25 meters from the trees.

Forester's house in Karkaralinsk


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