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Zhirensakal Peak

Attractions of the Karkaraly Mountains - Mount Zhirensakal -

Mountain hiking in the Karkaraly Nature Reserve -

Zhirensakal Peak is the highest point in the Karkaraly Mountains, its height is 1403 meters above sea level. There is a mountain route to the mountain, a trail along which you can climb to the top of Zhirensakal. The peak offers a beautiful panorama of the Karkaraly Nature Reserve. Zhirensakal in translation from Kazakh means (Red beard). The peak previously had a different name, one of the unofficial names of the Zhirensakal peak is the Komsomol peak, the mountain received this name after its conquest by a group of Soviet climbers consisting of young boys and girls during the USSR in 1936.

Zhirensakal Gora - how to get there -

Zhirensakal Peak is located in the Karkaralinsk Nature Reserve in the Karaganda region in the Karkaraly Mountains, Kent Mountains. Also, Mount Zhirensakal is known by another name "Kabaniy Shish".

Zhirensakal Peak - tourist information -

There is a legend about the peak of Zhirensakal, which says that in ancient times a holy man lived on the mountain, the spirit of this holy man still lives on the mountain and fulfills the desires of people. Mount Zhirensakal is considered a magical, sacred mountain, the mountain is very popular among travelers, as well as Mount Zhirensakal is a place of pilgrimage. According to Yerlan Mustafin, in ancient times, people came here seeking healing from various diseases. The childless hoped to have a child, the blind hoped to gain sight. Both the mentally ill and the paralyzed were brought here.

Zhirensakal Peak


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