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Kim-Asar Lake in Karkaraly (Komissar Lake)

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Tourist attractions of Karkaraly Park - Lake Kim-Asar -

Lake Kim-Asar (Komissarovskoe), a small very picturesque lake in the Karkaraly Mountains. The length of the lake is 400 meters, the width is 250 meters. There are houses and recreation centers on the lake. On the shore of the lake there is a Forester, which is an architectural landmark on the lake in Karkaraly Park.

Lake Kim-Asar - how to get there -

Lake Kim-Asar (Komissarovskoye) is located in the Karaganda region in the Karkaraly Park and Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan, the Komissarovskoye tract. The main landmark here is the village of Komissarovskaya and the forester's house, as well as the Komsomol peak of 1403 m (Zhirensakal) can be seen from the lake.

Lake Kim-Asar (Komisarovskoe) - tourist information -

Lake Kim-Asar is located in a small mountain valley in the Komissarovskoye tract, surrounded by low mountains and hills. It is especially beautiful on Lake Kim-Asar in the morning at sunrise and in the evening at sunset. Here you can take great photos of the Loggers' House against the background of Lake Kim-Asar. There are many rest houses around the lake where you can stay overnight, you can also stay in your base camp on the lake shore. You can walk around the lake during the day, walk through the forest that surrounds the lake and have a great time.

Lake Kim-Asar (Komisarovskoe)


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