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Devil's Lake (Shaitankol) Karkaralinsk

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Lake Shaitankol or Devil's Lake is 60 meters long, 40 meters wide. The average depth is 2 meters. The water is clear, the bottom is rocky, the water is not absorbed. The height of the rocks surrounding the southern, western and northern shores is 10 m and higher. Water is replenished in the lake due to snow melting and filling with rainwater. The lake is surrounded by a stratified granite rock, partially prone to destruction. The lake is surrounded by a fragrant pine forest.

In those years when heavy precipitation falls, excess water goes beyond and flows down a gutter-shaped channel on the southern shore. The lake never dries up. A dense forest grows near the lake, overgrown with pines, birches, poplars, raspberries, cranberries, meadowsweet and other shrubs, casts a shadow and saves the lake water from abundant evaporation. The lake has great scientific, historical, and tourist significance. In S. Mukanov's poem “Sulushash” he found a beautiful expression in the landscape of this lake. In summer, the lake is a popular holiday destination.

Shaitankol (Devil's Lake) - how to get there -

Shaitankol is located 5 km southwest of the city of Karkaralinsk in the Karaganda region at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level of Mount Buguly. The lake is part of the Karkaraly Nature Reserve, Karkaraly district, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Shaitankol Lake: 49°23'48" N 75°23'37" E

Devil's Lake (Shaitankol) - information -

Shaitankol Lake is an ancient sacred power-filled place of power. The Devil's Lake is also a place of pilgrimage, many people come here from all corners of our earth both to be filled with energy and just to walk around the Karkaraly mountains and the reserve. According to one of the legends, in ancient times, a huge tree grew on this place above one kilometer in height. In 1999, Kazakhstan's first cosmonaut Tokhtar Aubakirov visited Karkaralinsk and visited Lake Shaitankol. According to legend, there is a large silver cross at the bottom of Shaitankol Lake, which makes the water curative and beneficial for humans. If you swim in the lake, you will lose skin diseases. On the lake not so long ago there lived a grandmother whose name was Tele-bikeappa who was able to predict the future and was able to heal people, many people came to her here to get healed, improve their health and ask about their future. Tuleubike apa passed away in 1990.

Shaitankol Lake (Devil's Lake)


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