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Bison in the Karkaralinsky Nature Reserve

Bison watching in Karkaraly -

Fauna of the Karkaraly Nature Reserve -

The Karkaraly Reserve is famous for its bison. Bison were brought to Karkaraly back in 2000, bison took root in this area and even began to breed. The bison are located separately in a fenced huge enclosure on an area of 83 hectares. Deer and spotted fallow deer also live next to bison in Karkaralinsk Park. In 2018, a baby bison was born on the territory of the bison pen, which was named Barcelona. Bison were brought to Karkaralinsk from Belarus.

When the bison were brought to the territory of the Karkaraly Park, the animals were stressed because of the change in conditions, they could not adapt in any way. Offspring were given once every 3-4 years. However, the cubs did not survive. Now the animals are used to the local climate and conditions and began to breed every year. The population of bison is constantly increasing.

Bison is the common name of 6 species of creatures belonging to the genus bison. Of these species, only the American bison and the European bison today continue their pedigree. Many species have become extinct as a result of unconscious hunting on the American continent, many of them are endangered. Previously, bison were found throughout Europe and Anatolia, and now they could be found only in some national parks of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Bison in Karkaralinsky Park


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