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Marals in Karkaralinsky Park

Watching marals in Karkaraly -

Photo tour to Karkaraly Nature Reserve -

The Karkaralinsky Nature Reserve is famous for its farm for breeding Red Deer and its subspecies, the maral. Several individuals of marals live on the territory of the reserve, which have taken root well here and are currently breeding and feeling great. Marals are bred in the Karkaraly Reserve for their further resettlement to other lands of Kazakhstan.

Maral cubs are born at the end of May - June, and the first days they are completely helpless.
Small deer have an innate ability to disguise; up to the age of one month, a baby deer does not run away from danger, but hides in a secluded place and can lie like that for days.

In the Karkaralinsk Park, in addition to marals, bison brought here 30 years ago also live, bison live next door to marals in a separate huge fenced enclosure measuring 83 hectares, wild boars also live next to the enclosure for marals, as well as in a separate natural enclosure. Deer are very nervous and timid animals, young males during their youth constantly arrange fights among themselves.

Marals in Karkaraly


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