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Karkaraly Lakes

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Traveling on the lakes of the Karaganda region -

The Karkaraly Mountains are famous for their steppe and mountain lakes. Steppe lakes include such lakes as Zhartas, Ashikol, Shangel, Bastybay, Koytas, Taskol, Shalkarabay. Mountain lakes include lake Shaitankol (devil's lake), lake Basin, Small and Bolshoe Shchuchye Lake, Pashennoe lake. Especially beautiful lakes, which are included in the second group of mountain lakes.

The steppe lakes listed in the first group are highly saline, the lakes are located in the steppe area around the Karkaraly Mountains at different distances. In dry years, many of the steppe lakes dry up. Of the mountain lakes, the most beautiful is Lake Shaitankol (devil's lake), a mountain trail leads to it, along which you can get to the lake. Traveling around the Karaganda region and Karkaraly Park, we will definitely visit and see some of the lakes listed above. On the shore of Lake Arable, for example, recreation centers have been built, Lake Shchuchye is well suited for swimming.

Karkaraly steppe and mountain lakes


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