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Moldir Lake in the Shankoz Mountains

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Moldir Lake is located on the top of Mount Shankoz, in a cup-shaped formation. Moldir Lake is very well hidden from the eyes, and to see it you need to make the way on foot, while climbing the mountains, take a walk in the forest. Presumably, this kind of lakes appeared in the Shankoz Mountains for a long time due to the impact of air-water erosion on the local rock. Such types of lakes appeared in granite depressions on the tops of mountains.

Moldir Lake – how to get there -

Moldir Lake is located in the Shankoz Mountains in the Karkaraly Nature Park and Reserve, Karkaraly district, Kazakhstan.

Moldir Lake – tourist information -

Many lakes have been discovered in the Shankoz Mountains, which are located between rocks in cup-shaped granite formations. Lake Moldir is one of them, the lake is not small when compared with other similar lakes and is very picturesque. The height at which Moldir Lake is located is 920 meters above sea level, the length of the lake is 80 meters and the width is 25 meters. What is very hard to believe is that there are fish in this lake. The western granite wall rises 20 meters above the lake, which gives the lake an unforgettable view. It should be noted that the name of the lake is not geographical, one of the tourists left the inscription "Moldir" on the western wall. At this time, the Shankoz Mountains are a specially protected area in the Karkaraly Nature Park and it is difficult or absolutely impossible to get permission to visit here.

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