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Three Caves in the Karkaraly Mountains

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The Three caves are also known as the "Cave of Primitive Man", a tourist attraction of the Karkaraly Nature Reserve. The ceiling height in the cave is 5 meters, width is 20 meters, length is 10 meters. The cave is quite extensive, in ancient times the cave could accommodate several people and find shelter here. In this cave, if you shout loudly, you can hear an unusual echo that is formed due to the piled stones in the upper part of the cave.

Three Caves in Karkaraly – how to get there -

Three Caves are located in the Karkaraly Mountains on the territory of the Karkaraly Nature Reserve, 3 kilometers from the city of Karkaraly, Meliksay tract, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Three Caves: 49°25'31" N 75°28'13" E

Three Caves – tourist information -

To get to the three Caves, you need to make a small mountain hike through the Karkaraly mountains, surrounded by a beautiful forest, the trail passes along the edge of the forest. At a distance of 600 meters from the Three Caves there is another interesting cave complex consisting of one cave. Archaeologists of the Karaganda Museum examined the caves and the surrounding area, ancient paper clips and animal bones were found here, after that the caves were named as "human sites of the New Stone and Bronze Ages"

Three Caves in the Karkaraly Mountains


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