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Almaarasan mineral springs (Alma-Arasan)

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The Alma-Arasan thermal spring, translated from Kazakh, means "hot spring", was discovered in the mountains near the city of Almaty in 1931. After the discovery, the thermal spring became very popular among the local population, over time, a recreation center was built on the site of the spring, special water tanks were made for bathing in hot water. In 1951, additional wells were drilled here to bring thermal waters to the surface. The water temperature in Almaarasankom source is 33-38 °

Alma-Arasan Mineral spring – how to get there -

Almaarasan thermal waters are located near the city of Almaty in the village of Alma-Arasan in the mountain gorge Pass, which is an adjacent gorge, gorges Bolshoe Almatinskoe, Bostandyksky district, Zailiysky Alatau. GPS coordinates of Alma-Arasan thermal springs: N43°05'00.86" E76°54'20.95"

Alma-Arasan thermal spring – information for tourists -

In 2019, the reconstruction of the facility was carried out at the Alma-Arasan mineral spring, small swimming pools were installed, and a platform for physical training. The object can be visited in winter. According to the composition and medicinal properties of the water, Almaarasan springs belong to siliceous thermal waters. According to the chemical composition of the water, they belong to sulfate-bicarbonate-sodium. Biologically active components are present in the water: silicon dioxide, fluorine, hydrogen sulfide, radon. During the Great Patriotic War (1941 – 1945), wounded soldiers improved their health in the sanatorium. According to legend, Tamerlane's warriors bathed in the waters of the springs during their numerous conquests. The water in the spring has a healing effect on the body, heals wounds, restores health with constant visits, cures chronic diseases.

Almaarasan mineral springs


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