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Japanese road in the Big Almaty gorge

Mountain hike on the Japanese road

Little-known sights of the Big Almaty Gorge

The Japanese Road is what local tourists and travelers called it, since in Soviet times Japanese prisoners of war built some buildings in the city of Almaty and at the 1-HPP facility. There are mentions that this road was also built by these prisoners of war. At the moment, the road does not work for vehicles, but on the way they make mountain hikes in the Big Almaty Gorge, the road is very popular for lovers of hiking and trekking.

Japanese Roadhow to get there

The Japanese road is located in the Big Almaty Mountain Gorge at the 1st hydroelectric power station (hydroelectric power station No. 1), a little further than the suspension bridge at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, Ile-Alatau Park. It is a branch of the main road that leads to the Big Almaty Lake. GPS coordinates of Japanese Road: N43°06'24.80" E76°56'56.53"

Japanese road in the mountains of Almaty – information for tourists -

On the "Japanese road" you can make a mountain hike in the mountains of Almaty in the Big Almaty mountain gorge. The road is now only pedestrian, the car will not pass through it, the road is picturesque, it goes along the Bolshaya Almatinskaya River surrounded by coniferous forest. Along the route of the Japanese road, you can get to the Big Almaty Lake 2500 meters and then to the space station at an altitude of 3500 meters. The Japanese road was a technical one, it was built so that it would be possible to connect two hydroelectric power stations between HPP-1 and HPP-2. The length of the road is almost 6 kilometers.

Japanese Road, Ile-Alatau Park


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