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The first Turgusun lake, Kazakhstan Altay

Sights of the Kazakh Altay -

Mountain horseback riding to the Turgusun Lakes -

Lake Tursugunskoye is the first (Tursugun) the most picturesque of the three mountain lakes of this type and located on the mountain route along the Kazakh Altai in Eastern Kazakhstan. The lake is located in the middle part of a mountain valley surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. The Bolshaya Tursugun River flows out of the lake, the lake is located at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level.

The first lake Turgusun – how to get there -

Turgusun lakes are located in the West Altai Nature Reserve in the East Kazakhstan region in Kazakhstan, the Turgusun River, the Ivanovo mountain range, the Black Knot tract.

Turgusun lake the first – information for tourists -

Lake Turgusun is located on the famous mountain route, which covers all parts of the Kazakh Altai. The lake is considered moraine, high-altitude, there are no roads here, so it is possible to move around the area only on foot or by horse. On the way to the lake, we walk along the valley of the Turgusun River. The length of the lake is 350 meters and the width is 240 meters. On the shore of the lake they usually stop for the night along the route. The places here are not crowded, you will never meet crowds of tourists and vacationers here, firstly, mountain trekking on horseback for 10 days is not for the faint of heart and it is not a cheap tour. You can take a short tour, but then you will not see all the beauties of the reserve.

Lake Turgusun the first


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