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The third Turgusun Lake

Horseback riding on the Turgusun lakes in the Kazakh Altai -

Hiking from Cedar Lake to the cascade of Turgusun lakes -

The third Turgusun lake is the highest, located at an altitude of 2080 meters above sea level, is the first moraine lake from the cascade of three Tursugun lakes if you count from above. Downstream of the Bolshaya Turgusun River, which flows from the third lake, there is the second Tursugun Lake and the first Turgusun Lake. The entire route along these lakes is very picturesque, passes through the territory of the West Altai Nature Reserve.

Third Turgusun lake – how to get there -

The third Turgusun Lake is located in the cascade of two other lakes on the Bolshaya Turgusunn River, West Altai Reserve, Ridder city district, East Kazakhstan.

Third Turgusun lake – information for tourists -

The third Turgusun lake is very picturesque, located in a small mountain valley surrounded by mountain peaks, a small elongated moraine mountain lake is very beautiful. The length of the lake is 140 meters, the width is 50 meters. There are two beautiful cascading waterfalls on the lake. The fourth Tursugun Lake is located nearby. All the lakes in the cascade of the Turgusun lakes are located at a relatively small distance from each other.

The third Turgusun Lake


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