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The Black Uba River

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The Chernaya Uba River originates in the mountains of the Koksu ridge on the high-altitude Gulbishche swamp, the river is formed by a small stream Chernushka and a small river Straight. The length of the river is 61 kilometers, and downstream the river merges with the Malaya Uba River and forms the main Uba River. The Chernaya Uba River is famous for its difficulty for rafting on the river, there are several difficult rapids on the river and a small cascading waterfall to overcome which you need to have a lot of experience in rafting on rivers. At the source, the river is not large, downstream the river receives several tributaries of small rivers and then the river becomes full-flowing.

Chernaya Uba River - how to get there -

The Chernaya Uba River is located in the East Kazakhstan region in the West Altai Nature Reserve, Ridder district.

Black Uba River - information for tourists -

The most difficult threshold on the Chernaya Uba River is called "Lari", the threshold is considered the highest category of complexity. Lovers of river rafting tend to get to this river and try their hand at the river by rafting or kayaking along it. We recommend rafting on this river only with a lot of experience in this sport and a trained team, which should also have a lot of experience rafting on complex rivers. There are cases of the death of athletes on the Chernaya Uba River on the threshold of the "Lari", next to the threshold on the tree there is a memorial plaque with the names of the dead athletes.

The Black Uba River


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