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Alakol Lake, the pearl of Kazakhstan

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Lake Alakol is located at a relative altitude of 350 meters above sea level, the depth of the lake is 50 meters, length 104 km, width 50 km. Alakol in translation from the Kazakh language means "bright, colorful lake". The lake is part of the Alakol State Nature Reserve, the lake is home to a large number of different species of birds, which is famous for the lake. Next to Lake Alakol there is another famous lake Sassykol, a large number of birds also nest on this lake, which attracts the attention of ornithologists and lovers of bird watching in the wild.

Alakol Lake - how to get there -

Lake Alakol is located on the border of Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions, about 60 km west of the state border with the People's Republic of China. GPS coordinates of Lake Alakol: 46°10'N 81°35'E

Lake Alakol - tourist information -

Recreation centers and hotels are located on Lake Alakol on its western shore, as well as the villages of Akshi and Koktuma where there are also guest houses for recreation. The lake is most often visited in the summer, the water in the lake warms up and you can swim in it, the water in the lake is salty. Lake Alakol is home to many species of birds, here you can meet a very rare relict seagull and pink flamingos. There are several islands in the lake, the largest of them is Ulken Araltobe Island located in the center of the lake. The lake is the most important ornithological area in the region, ornithologists from all over the world come here to take photos of rare birds and observe the life and movements of birds in the region.

Alakol Lake


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