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Ulken Araltobe Island

Boat trip to the islands of Lake Alakol -

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Ulken Araltobe (Bolshoy Kamenny) is the largest island on Lake Alakol, the length of the island is 8 km, the width is 5.5 km, the absolute height of the island is 440 meters above sea level. The island is considered wild, there is no infrastructure here, when exploring the island in the past, ancient burial mounds were discovered here, this suggests that people lived on the island in ancient times. Birds nest on the island, the island is home to thousands of migratory birds.

Ulken Araltobe Island - how to get there -

Ulken Araltobe Island is located on Lake Alakol, East Kazakhstan region. GPS coordinates of Ulken-Araltobe Island: 46°11'20"N 81°46'26"E

Ulken Araltobe Island – tourist information -

To get to the island of Ulken Araltobe, we will need to rent two boats for a hike to the island. We rent two boats in order for the second boat to be on the safe side. The way to the island is not close and it may take us 1 hour of walking on the water in one direction. On the island we will see the nature of the island, take a walk around the island and watch the birds nesting and the birds themselves. There are small lakes on the island where waterfowl live, swans, ducks and many other species of non-waterfowl such as sparrow, tit, lark can be found here.

Ulken Araltobe Island Alakol lake


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