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Sredny Island on Lake Alakol

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Natural attractions of Lake Alakol -

Sredny Island on Lake Alakol rises 50 meters above the water, the length of the island is 1.5 km, the width is 0.5 km. The island is home to many species of birds, gulls, cormorants live here, and many nests of these birds can be found here. Relict gulls, a very rare bird species listed in the Red Book, have built their nests on the island's hill.

Sredny Island on Alakol - how to get there -

Sredny Island is located in the water area of Lake Alakol, the distance from Araltobe Island to Sredny Island is 4.5 km. To get to the island, you need to rent two boats for a hike to the island.

Sredny Island on Alakol - tourist information -

Sredny Island is famous for the fact that many species of birds live on the island, you can come here and observe the life of birds on a relatively small area of the island, see how they nest on the island, take photos of rare bird species. To get to the island, we rent two boats for a hike to the island, a hike to the island takes 30 minutes. Also, in addition to the middle island, we will visit the island of Ulken Araltobe (Bolshoy Araltobe) where we will also observe the life of birds.

Sredny Island on Alakol


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