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Tentek River (flows into Lake Sasykkol)

Rafting and kayaking on the Tentek River

Travel from Almaty to Sasykkol Lake

Tentek River, a picturesque mountain-plain river, the length of the river is 187 km. The river originates in the mountains of the Zhongar Alatau near the Chinese border at an altitude of 4000 meters. Tentek in translation from the Kazakh language means "rabid". The river is very popular among water sports athletes, rafting and kayaking are regularly held on the river in the summer.

Tentek River – how to get there

The Tentek River flows through the territory of the Almaty region, part of the river flows through the Alakol Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of the Tentek River: N46°28'17" E 80°54'46"

Tentek River – tourist information

The Usharalsky hydroelectric complex was built on the Tentek River. Rafting on the Tetek River can be carried out below this hydroelectric facility or up to it, that is, upstream. The river flows into the picturesque lake Sasykkol, even in the coldest winters, the river can not freeze and polynyas form in the river, where flocks of waterfowl and migratory birds winter. Also, this area is famous for being part of the Alakolsky Reserve, the area attracts tourists and ornithologists from all over the world, here you can observe birds and their life from the immediate vicinity. Also in the upper reaches of the river are the ancient burial mounds of Uygentas.

Tentek River


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