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Tourism on Lake Alakol

Jeep tours to Alakol -

Attractions of the Alakolsky Nature Reserve -

Lake Alakol is a popular tourist destination in the summer, recreation centers and guest houses for tourists are located on the lake. Our company offers to make a trip to Lake Alakol in jeeps, with all the necessary equipment for parking in its base tent camp in nature.

Tours to Lake Alakol are designed for ornithologists, zoologists, botanists and nature lovers. On the lake you can see many species of migratory and nesting birds, which can be observed here without any extra effort. The nature of Lake Alakol is rich in species of flora and fauna. Also, Lake Alakol is famous for its delta of the Tentek River, in which even in winter you can meet birds that stay here for the winter.

Lake Sasykkol which is located next to Lake Alakol is also famous for many species of birds that nest on the lake, traveling around the region we will definitely visit all these places. The Sasykkol flows into the lake the Tentek River in the delta of which we will definitely visit and watch the birds. There are three islands on Lake Alakol, which we can also visit by renting boats for a hike to the islands. Bird species that can be observed in this region: beauty bustard, gray crane, swan, beauty crane, seagull, black-headed giggler and other rare bird species.


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