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Kogusem tract on Mangyshlak

Photo tour of Ustyurt plateau and Karynzharyk depression

A trip to the Kogusem tract in the Ustyurt Nature Reserve

Kogusem tract, a desert hilly area, in places the predominant red color of clay deposits. It is possible to get into the tract only accompanied by rangers guarding the reserve. The clay that makes up the local rock, strong and not washed away by rain, has been everywhere here for thousands of years. For a long time, rainwater and wind have formed a bizarre extraterrestrial relief here.

Kogusem tract – how to get there

The Kogusem tract is located on the territory of the Ustyurt Nature Park and Reserve in Southwestern Kazakhstan, Karakiyansky district, Mangystau region.

Kogusem tract – information for tourists

The Kogusem tract can only be visited by high-passable 4x4 cars. We have at our disposal all brands of 4x4 jeeps in the area. To get to the Kogusem tract, it is necessary to issue a pass at the jaeger cordon. The heights at which the terrain is located are 209 meters above sea level at the highest point, the terrain is deserted and not crowded, there are only country roads. There is no tourist infrastructure in this location, so we take with us all the necessary equipment for staying in the Kogusem tract, tents, sleeping bags, kitchen, etc.

Kogusem desert tract


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