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Kenderli Steppe Salt marsh – Mangyshlak Peninsula

Sights of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve

Journey from Aktau along Mangyshlak to the Kenderlisor salt marsh

Kenderli steppe salt marsh, desert revenge, especially the hot season of July, August, an area of 50,000 hectares, includes the sands of Karynzharyk, is a terrestrial depression, which is also called Karynzharyk. Here on the salt marsh is the famous Karamaya Mountain, which is also a local landmark. This territory belongs to the famous panoramas of Bosjir.

Kenderli-sor salt marsh – how to get there

The Kenderli salt marsh is located on the territory of the Ustyurt State Natural Park and Reserve, Mangystau region, near the village of Akkuduk. GPS coordinates of Kenderli Salt Marsh: N42°58'45.24" E54°25'05.27"

Salt marsh Kenderli desert – information for tourists

The Kenderli salt marsh is a hilly desert, especially beautiful here in spring, when nature blooms, in the second half of summer the area completely burns out and turns into a desert, at this time of year it is also interesting here in its own way. We travel to the sights of Mangyshlak by car only 4x4 consisting of at least two cars. The entire territory is located within the state reserve, so you need to have your identity documents with you. Also on this territory, according to scientists, there was an ocean or a lake in ancient times, here you can find the ancient remains of the inhabitants of the ocean.

Kenderli-sor Salt Marsh


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