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Three Brothers chalk Mountains (Ush Agayyndy tau)

Trip from Aktau to Ustyurt Nature Reserve

Journey to the Kenderli salt marsh in Ustyurt Park

The Cretaceous remains of the Three Brothers or Ush Agayyndy tau, represent three mountains on an absolutely flat surface. The mountains have a bizarre color, as these mountains are also called tiger mountains because of the characteristic striped color. Also, this location is called Three Batyrs, so it was called by the locals of the Mangystau region.

Three Brothers Karynzharyk Mountainshow to get there

The cretaceous remains of the Three Brothers or Ush Agayyndy tau are located in the southern part of the Karynzharyk depression, 37 km from the village of Ak-Kuduk, on the territory of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve, Mangystau region, Karakiyansky district. GPS coordinates of the Three Brothers (Ush Agayyndy): N42°39'14.08" E54°15'24.07"

Three Batyr Mountains three Brothers Karynzharyktourist information

The Three Brothers Mountains in the Karynzharyk depression are easily accessible, it is easy to get here from the city of Aktau and see local attractions. A trip to the Three Brothers mountains can be made within one day, but you can stay on the plateau for the night, at night there is a very beautiful starry sky. The mountains are located at the bottom of a desert salt marsh, at certain times of the year, when it rains, the bottom of the salt marsh is covered with a thin layer of water and the mountains seem like islands in the ocean, at this moment the terrain becomes unusual and very beautiful, especially at sunset.

Three Brothers Chalk Mountains (Ush Agayyndy tau)


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