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Karamaya Ridge

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The Karamaya Ridge is a mountainous desert valley on the Mangyshlak peninsula, Karamaya is also called a desert mountain region, it includes the Kenderli salt marsh and the Karynzharyk depression. This region is a desert area in the steppes of Kazakhstan, it is very interesting to be here in spring and early summer, at this moment the area is green and filled with spring colors. The second half of summer is very hot here, so it's extreme to travel here, but it doesn't bother desert lovers and you can always meet travelers here.

Karamaya Ridgehow to get there

The Karamaya Ridge is located in the Mangystau region, Karakiyansky district, Kazakhstan, Ustyurt Nature Park and Reserve. GPS coordinates of Karamaya Ridge: N43°10'29.82" E54°42'08.65"

Karamaya Ridgeinformation for tourists

Karamaya in translation from the Kazakh language means "Black Oil". The whole area here is composed of mountain gorges, narrow and deep, the length of the terrain here varies from 17 km. Another attraction in the mountainous area of Karamaya is Mount Karamaya, the name of the dominant elevation in the region, the height of the mountain is 210 meters above sea level, which is quite high for this area and the entire region. The whole area, once in ancient times, was filled with water and the ancient Tethys Ocean splashed here, scientists assume, since numerous remains of ocean inhabitants, teeth of ancient sharks, shell prints in stones of the prehistoric period, etc. were found in the region.

It is very interesting to travel in the region, it is possible to move here only by 4x4 jeeps, you need to take all the necessary equipment with you, a place to sleep, a kitchen, etc. Also, while in this area, always use a GPS navigator to navigate the terrain and not get lost, it is also recommended to use the services of local guides who know the area well.

Karamaya Ridge


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