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Onere Water Spring

Excursions around the Ustyurt Reserve

Visit to the Ustyurt plateau and the Onere spring

Onere is a water spring, the largest water source on the territory of the Ustyurt reserve, the well was drilled in Soviet times by Soviet geologists who conducted their research here on the Kenderli salt marsh. The length of the stream of the Onere spring is 8 km.

Onere spring - how to get there

The Onere spring is located on the Ustyurt plateau in the Mangistau region in Kazakhstan, Karakiya district, the territory of the Ustyurt nature reserve. GPS coordinates of the Onere spring: N42°36'19.79" E54°09'06.83"

Onere springtourist information

When the well of the Onere spring was drilled, the water flooded the nearby area and formed three small lakes with crystal clear water, in the summer you can swim in these lakes, the whole area around the spring is a small desert oasis. Wild animals, wolves, foxes, gazelles come to the spring, birds also fly here, here you can observe the life of wild animals.

Onere Spring


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