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Baysary tract - Mangyshlak

Trip to the Baisary tract

Journey to Mount Bokty in the Baisary tract

The Baisary tract is a landmark of Mangyshlak, a small desert tract, notable for its spike–shaped formations. Water and wind for a long time washed and blew out, in the local earth rock, bizarre formations of the earth's relief. The columns appeared on the mountainside, the water flowing down from above for a long time washed out the local rock. There is also another small tract of Kamysty.

Traveling on Bosjira panoramas and Mount Bokty we will definitely visit the Baisary tract. Traveling in this region is possible by 4x4 car, there are no asphalt roads here, so be prepared for dust on local country roads. We take all the necessary equipment for the installation of the base camp with us, there is no tourist infrastructure in the region.

Baysary tracthow to get there

The Baisary tract is located in the Mangystau region on the territory of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve. The tract is located between the Boszhira tract and Mount Bokty. GPS coordinates of the Baisary tract: 43°16'43"N 53°55'27"E

Baysary tract


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