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Airakty tract, Shomanai Airakty

A trip to the Shomanai mountains in the Airakty tract

Photo tour to the Shomanai-Airakty tract

The Airakty tract is one of the attractions of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve, the tract is part of the Shomanai mountain system. The highest point of this area is an unnamed mountain with a height of 370 meters above sea level, another mountain Zhapyrakty is slightly lower than 365 meters above sea level. The Airakty tract consists of white chalk deposits of prehistoric origin, the whole area is a desert steppe with small elevations.

Airakty tracthow to get there

The Airakty tract is located in the Mangystau region on the territory of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve, the area of the Northern Aktau Mountains and the Eastern Aktau mountains. GPS coordinates of the Airakty tract: N44°13'23.10 E52°13'28.27

Shomanai-Airaktytourist information

We will definitely visit the Airakty tract while traveling on the Mangyshlak peninsula. This desert area attracts tourists from all over the world, the Mangyshlak peninsula is becoming more and more popular among travelers, those who love deserts and travel through the desert area come here. There is also another tract nearby, in which there are round earth formations of unknown origin, here you can find balls of ideal shape of different sizes, the nature of the appearance of this type of formations has not yet been precisely established. The great artist and poet T.Shevchenko traveled to the tract of Airakty and was impressed by the local nature, the artist painted a picture here and called it "Valley of Castles".

Airakty tract (Shomanai-Airakty)


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