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Excursion in Nur Sultan city (Astana)

Nur-Sultan (Kazakh Nur-Sultan) is the capital of Kazakhstan. The city is located in the northern part of the country in the middle of the Kazakh steppe on the banks of the Ishim River. It is the second largest city in the country after Almaty. Recently, the city has changed its name several times. From 1998 to 2019 it was called Astana, earlier from 1992 to 1998 Akmola, from 1961 to 1991 - Zelinograd, before that Akmolinsk.

The city was founded as a Russian fortress in 1830. In the 1950s, the site became the center of the Soviet arable land reclamation campaign. This led to a change in the cityscape and an acceleration in the development of the city. After Kazakhstan gained independence from the Soviet Union, it was decided to move the capital, making the city the planned capital on December 10, 1997. In the south of the city, a modern government district was then built with striking buildings such as the Baiterek Tower, Khan Shatyr or the Pyramid of Peace and Unity.

  • Distance of the route: 5 km
  • Season time: all season
  • Best time: all season
  • Group size: 12 pax
  • Days & nights: 1 day

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