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Shetpe village

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Shetpe is a village in Mangistau district of Mangistau region, the center of the district and Shetpinsky rural district, Shetpe is also the name of the railway station, which is located in the village. The Mangystau-Aktobe railway and the Aktau-Aktobe highway pass through the village.

Shetpe villagehow to get there

Shetpe is located 96 km northeast of Aktau city, between the Western Karatau and Eastern Karatau ridges on the Mangystau Peninsula. GPS coordinates of the village of Shetpe: 44°10'N 52°07'E

Shetpe village history

The village of Shetpe was founded in 1929, in 1933 the Zhanazholsky collective farm was formed on its basis, in 1965 -the Mangystau district center. Shetpinsky district received its status in 1966 due to the construction of a railway connecting the peninsula with the rest of the country, Shetpe station is closer to other regions than the regional center. The station and its adjacent structures, the district center are popularly called "Zhana Shetpe". The district center was built on the site of a former dried-up deciduous lake, from which only a swamp remained at that time. Now the swamp has dried up.

Shetpe selotourist information

We will definitely visit the village of Shetpe, traveling along the Mangyshlak peninsula and the Mangystau region. There is a Shetpe Mosque in the village, which was built in 1997, the mosque is a local architectural landmark and a place of pilgrimage.

Shetpe village


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