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Zheltau mountains

Journey from Kulsary to the Zheltau mountains -

Sights of the Ustyurt Plateau -

Zheltau mountains, tract, are desert hills and low hills. Altitudes here vary from 100 to 200 meters above sea level. For the Ustyurt plateau, where the Zheltau mountains are located, a height of 200 meters is quite impressive. The mountains are 30 km long and 10 km wide. The highest point in the Zheltau mountains is 212 meters above sea level and is called Mount Zheltau.

How to get there, visit -

The Zheltau mountains are located 112 km from the village of Kulsary in the Mangistau region and Atyrau region, Zhylyi district, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Mount Zheltau: N46°31'02" E55°36'54"

Information -

Traveling to the Zheltau mountains from the village of Kulsary, we will use a 4x4 jeep, the roads in this area are country roads, there is no tourist infrastructure, so we take all the necessary equipment with us, including sleeping bags and tents, if our program is more than one day. The Zheltayu Mountains are a landmark of the region, the terrain here is desert, hilly, suitable for desert lovers and travelers by car (motorhomes, high-traffic car camping). The area is rich in paleontological finds, here you can find ancient oyster shells, shark teeth of various sizes, there are large palm-sized specimens. Once upon a time there was the Tethys Ocean, which disappeared over many millions of years as a result of climatic and natural changes.

Tour to Zheltau mountains in Ustyrt nature reserve


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