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Kabyrga tract

Jeep tour to Kabyrga tract on Mangystau

Interesting places on the Mangyshlak peninsula

Kabyrga – a tract, a valley, consists of deep canyons and labyrinths among the rocks. These natural formations appeared in the process of weathering, here you will find deep holes of a bizarre formation. You can go down into crevices and sinkholes and take interesting photos. These natural formations in scientific circles are called tafoni, which means (failure, hole, crack, window).

Kabyrga tracthow to get there

The Kabyrga urosishche is located on the Mangyshlak peninsula, part of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve, Mangystau region. The distance from the Karaman-Ata mosque to the Kabyrga tract is 12 km, from the city of Aktau to the tract is 55 km, and 9 km from the village of Emir. GPS coordinates of Kabyrga tract: N43°56'02.46" E51°43'27.62"

Kabyrga tractinformation for tourists

The tafoni in the Kabyrga tract are similar to the same formations in the Kapamsai tract. Tafoni are such unusual natural formations that scientists assume appeared in the process of a complex natural process that includes weathering, exposure to water and salt, temperature changes that are characteristic of this region, etc. Traveling to the tract, we will visit such local attractions as the Karaman-Ata necropolis, the village of Emir, see how the locals live.

Kabyrga tract


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