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Zhanaozen city

Travel from Almaty to Zhanaozen

Eco tourism in Kazakhstan and cities of Mangystau region

The city of Zhanaozen was founded in 1964, the city was created for the development of local lands and the extraction of oil and gas on them. The city is not big, it is located in a desert area in the steppes of Kazakhstan. The city is notable for its location in the Mangystau region, so traveling to the sights of Mangyshlak, we will certainly visit this locality. There are hotels and guest houses in the city where you can stay while making a city tour of the city and traveling in its surroundings.

Zhanaozen cityhow to get there

Zhanaozen is located in Mangistau region, 150 km from Aktau city on the Mangistau plateau. GPS coordinates of Zhanaozen city: 43°20'16"N 52°51'19"E

Zhanaozen Cityhistory

In the early sixties, exploration geologists finally settled on the Uzen deposit and carried out their planned research and exploration work. The first addresses appeared in Kyzylsai, people began to gather from all sides. So the village of Uzen was formed, inhabited by exploration geologists. The selfless work of developing the peninsula was not in vain. In the sixties, a source of gas and oil was discovered from the Uzen field. In 1964, the basin of the modern city of oil workers was knocked out, an urban-type working settlement was formed. For the first time, an oilfield management was created in it on the Mangystau peninsula, where shock brigades of builders were formed, work was carried out on the construction of residential buildings and cultural facilities. On October 21, 1968, by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR, the Uzensky district was formed as part of the Guryev (now Atyrau) region, the village of Zhanaozen received the status of a city.

Zhanaozen city


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