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Ashyktaypak Salt Marsh

Nature of Beineu district

Journey from Beineu to Ashyktaypak salt marsh

Ashyktaypak salt marsh, a desert steppe attraction of the Ustyurt plateau, is a desert area with low elevations and hills. The length of the salt marsh is 45 km, the width is 9 km. In ancient times, according to the research of scientists, the territory was covered with water, and there was either a lake or even a sea.

Ashyktaypak Salt marshhow to get there

Ashyktaypak salt marsh is located on the Ustyurt plateau in the Mangystau region on the territory of the Ustyurt Nature Reserve. GPS coordinates of Ashyktaypak salt marsh: N45°33'37.91" E55°19'32.33"

Ashyktaypak Salt marshinformation for tourists

Ashyktaypak belongs to the desert-type salt marshes, the absolute drop here is 60 meters below sea level. This salt marsh is also considered the Ashyktaypak depression. What is remarkable about this territory: its desolation, so it will be very cozy here for those who like to travel through hot desert terrain. In the past, and this is about 30 million years ago, the territories between Africa and Eurasia were partially flooded with water, this was the ancient Tethys Ocean, which eventually disappeared due to natural and climatic changes, and now the Ashyktaypak salt marsh has appeared in one of its places. Therefore, traveling through this territory, you will always be in the place of our ancient and native disappeared Tethys Ocean.

Ashyktaypak Salt marsh


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