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Shpak Tower

Tourist attractions of Mangystau

Water wells on the Mangyshlak peninsula

The Shpaka Tower is considered to be a well, a mausoleum and a cave, a tourist architectural attraction of the Mangystau region. The tower was named after Kirill Ignatievich Shpak, the head of the geological group, who conducted surveys on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The tower is a concrete structure with no obvious entrance from below, the entrance is located in the middle of the tower to which a fire escape leads. The Shpak tower is approximately 10-15 meters high and 5 meters wide at the base.

Shpak Towerhow to get there

Shpaka Tower is located on the Tyupkaragan Peninsula, Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangystau region, 21 km from the village of Shetpe, Mangystau district. GPS coordinates of the Shpak Tower: N44°05'44.30" E51°53'28.23"

Shpaka Towerinformation for tourists

According to history, the Shpak tower was erected on the site of a water well. When our people were on the tower and examined it, there was no well found there, there is not even a hole under the well in the Shpak tower itself. This territory is poor in water, so in Soviet times researchers and water prospectors were sent here. Geologist Shpak was one of such researchers and came to Mangyshlak to look for water, it was very difficult to find water in this area, but he found water here according to history. Locals call the Shpak Tower, the Kremlin or the Shpak Mausoleum, the tower looks quite impressive in the Kazakh steppe.

Shpak Tower


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