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Sulukape Gorge

Trip from Akatau to the village of Tushchybek and the Sulukape gorge

Natural attractions of Mangystau region

Sulukape Gorge (Sulukapi) is a deserted, sandy gorge, located on the expanses of the Mangyshlak peninsula, it is possible to travel here by 4x4 car with at least two cars, the places are remote and sparsely populated. The gorge is a landmark of the Mangyshlak peninsula, the roads here are dirt and dusty, suitable for those who like to travel through the desert area. In the Sulukape gorge there is a beautiful desert spring, a stream that fills a small lake in which small fish are found. This unique formation makes this place a desert oasis with water. Birds come here to quench their thirst, different animals come.

It is not recommended to stop and set up camp in the vicinity of the reservoir, as you can scare away animals that come to the water, visit the object with short-term visits from the camp located at least 1 kilometer from the Sulukape gorge. TAKE CARE OF NATURE.

Be sure to clean up your garbage and take care of the nature of Mangyshlak, this territory is under the protection of the state, so every citizen needs to show his civic duty and protect the nature of Kazakhstan. Do not make a fire, use special portable equipment for cooking in nature for cooking.

Sulukape Gorgehow to get there

Sulukape Gorge is located in Mangistau region, Mangistau district, Southern Aktau ridge, Otp district, 3 kilometers from the village of Tushchybek, 8 kilometers from the village of Shetpe.

Sulukape Gorge


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