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Wildlife of Barsakelmes Island

Observation of kulans on the island of Barskakelmes

Travel from Almaty and Aralsk to the Barsakelmes Nature Reserve

The island and the Barsakelmes Nature Reserve is famous for the kulans brought here in 1953. Hoofed animals, very similar to a horse, but slightly lower visually at the withers, resemble Przewalski's horse. Wild animals are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, protected by the state, very kind and tamed animals, they approach the rangers of the reserve without fear.

The Barsakelmes Nature Reserve is a hilly steppe, a desert area, there are no sharply contrasting lines such as mountains, for example, what your eyes focus on, so the area is fascinating and thoughts stop here, it's a pleasure to travel here, the place is suitable for lovers of desert areas and jeep tours on off-road roads where there is no asphalt pavement.

The Barsakelmes Nature Reserve is home to a very rare rare flora and fauna. There are more than 256 species of plants and animals, animals, mammals. Due to the dryness of the sea, rare species of fish disappear, new plants and livestock are found. It was founded in 1929 and received the status of a state reserve on December 10, 1939.

Barsakelmes is a peninsula in the northern part of the Aral Sea. It is located in the Aral district of the Kyzylorda region. The length of the sea to the water intake was 28 km/ Barsakelmes Island. After the sea dried up, the names of geographical objects around it underwent changes. The bottom of the Aral Sea became known as the Aralkum Desert. In the 1990s, the island of Barsakelmes was renamed the peninsula of Barsakelmes, and since 2009 it has lost the status of a "peninsula", turned into a hill on the site of the sea, now referred to as ex-island.



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