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Andasay Nature Reserve

Trip to the zoological reserves of Kazakhstan

Protected areas of Zhambyl region

Andasai Wildlife Sanctuary was established on the territory of Zhambyl region in 1966 to preserve such animal species as kulan, argali, saiga, gazelle, wild boar, roe deer, pheasant, etc. The reserve is home to many animals listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, here you can observe the life of these animals.

The Andasai Nature Reserve is a hilly area with small elevations and small mountains, it is beautiful and sparsely populated here, it is possible to move around the reserve only on high-passable 4x4 vehicles, there is no tourist infrastructure in the reserve, so you need to take all the necessary equipment to install a base camp with you.

Andasay Nature Reservehow to get there

Andasay reserve is located on the territory of Zhambyl region, Moyinkum district, the right bank of the Shu River, the village of Moyinkum is located nearby.

Andasay reserve park


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